Future Wireless Technology Forum 1


About the event.

WAPA engaged with the South African regulator, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), to assist in bringing stakeholders from the regulatory field and industry together in order to discuss new and innovative technologies, products, and services in the wireless space.

This was a first in South Africa, allowing stakeholders in both the business and regulatory communities to come together to discuss topics relevant to both, such as spectrum and power output regulations, and solutions that can be brought to market through collaboration and by allowing industry to provide real-world feedback and examples to the regulator.

The Future Wireless Technologies Forum is a series of collaborative discussions hosted by WAPA, the purpose of which is to explore trends, best practices, and opportunities for new wireless technologies and solutions in the context of the regulatory framework of South Africa. The ultimate outcome of the Future Wireless Technologies Forum is to create motivation and momentum within ICASA, to enable spectrum regulations that will lead to the overall growth of the industry.

FWTF I: mm Wave Spectrum

WAPA hosted the first Future Wireless Technologies Forum conference on 29 May 2014, in Johannesburg.

The first conference of the Future Wireless Technologies Forum held in May 2014 focused on technology solutions and related business opportunities in the millimetre wave (mmW) band, with focus on V-Band (60 GHz) and E-Band (70 & 80 GHz). Future discussions will involve emerging technologies such as sensing and white spaces, as well as LTE developments.

Details of the event

Date: Thursday, 29 May 2014

Welcome: William Stucke, ICASA Councillor

Introduction: Jens Langenhorst, WAPA Spectrum champion

  • Technology presentations by various vendors and operators:
  • Worldwide regulations for 60GHz: Darko Beverin (TAGSA)
  • License exempt and light license schemes: Simon Yomtov (Ceragon)
  • E-Band recommendation: Francois Fourie (Comsol)
  • Optical Wireless Broadband: Wietz Joubert (Redline)
  • E-band: A technical overview: Graham Beneke (Multisource)
  • mmWave Regulatory Considerations – a local vendor’s perspective: Geoff Carey (MimoTech)
  • Wireless Rapid Deployment of Gbit links: Greg Lock (IS)
  • Carrier view of mmWave-band use: Angus Hay (Neotel)

Panel discussion: Dominic Cull (Ellipsis), William Stucke (ICASA), Ronnie Seeber (ICASA), Linden Petzer (DoC), Mortimer Hope (Vodacom), Greg Lock (FTTH)

Closing: Mohammad Patel (WAPA)


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