End User Charter Agreement

Tue, 30/04/2019 - 11:22

WAPA is currently in discussions with ICASA on the End User Charter Agreement. Read more about WAPA chairperson Tim Genders’ communications with the Authority. 

In a letter to ICASA’s CEO, Willington Ngwepe, Genders says that WAPA welcomes the End User Charter Agreement and its implementation into law on 1 March 2019.

“We have advised our members to be compliant with the following:

1. Providing usage notifications

2. Data should be rolled over to the next period and subscribers should not be defaulted to higher out-of-bundle charges (not that this was ever a practise outside of the mobile networks)

3. Data can be transferred to another user of the same service provider.”

Genders adds that the WAPA members see that MTN and Vodacom appear to be disregarding the new rules. “We are not in a position to verify what appears to be non-compliance. Bearing in mind that the rules apply equally to everyone, please can you clarify what the Authority is doing about non-compliance and what the consequences are?”

At the time of publication (late April 2019), WAPA is still awaiting a response from the Authority.