Future Wireless Technologies Forum 5

Century City Conference Centre
Kinetic Way, Century City, Cape Town, 7441

Removing EIRP limitation in the license exempt bands for Point to Point links.

It is with great please that we introduce the FWTF V conference to you which will be held at the exceptional CCCC – Century City Convention Centre – on the 12th May 2016.

This event will follow in the footsteps of the previous successful themes as we continue to seek answers to the many complex issues that our industry grapple with. The theme for FWTF V is: Removing EIRP limitation in the license exempt bands for Point to Point links. This has been a problematic restriction that has lost relevance in the face of technological advances, such as automatic power control and similar features commonly found on modern wireless equipment.

The next FWTF will be held as a one day debate supported by presentations and discussions to unpack the issues which will provide the inputs for a discussion paper on removing the EIRP limitations in the license exempt bands for Point to Point links.
The event will see presenters discussing their views on PtP link interference and avoidance mechanisms and will include the write up of a short and concise draft paper which recommends how regulations can be amended to remove the outdated generic EIRP limitation and instead apply a sliding scale specification based on distance, band, antenna size, gain and beam width parameters.
The paper will be presented to the regulator and department upon its finalisation.

We have enlisted the help of William Stucke to facilitate and guide the discussions on the day, and to complete the paper in a manner in line with that which the Regulator will deem acceptable. Further we will make the paper available for all our members as a best practise guideline for use in practise.

As always, it is our intention to keep the interest alive with relevant topics and discussions and provide our members with inputs that will make a difference in their day to day business. Your participation is what makes the event a success. We look forward to hearing all your opinions on the matter and trust that you will join us in Cape Town.

We are pleased to announce that sponsorship and limited exhibitor opportunities are now open for the third series of Future Wireless Technology Forums.