WAPA Regional Event - Kwazulu-Natal

Where: Elangeni & Maharani Hotel

The Natal event was in conjunction with iWeek, and the WAPA annual AGM at the Elangeni & Maharani Hotel on the Durban beach front. More sponsors came onboard for this event. What also differentiated this event from the other previous two events, was that more WISP’s outside the WAPA membership attended. We also realised the value in this, and decided that we will welcome non WAPA member WISP’s to attend future events.

WAPA Regional Event - Gauteng

Where: The Condor House

Since we do have a considerable number of members in the Gauteng area, we were expecting a bigger outcome than the Limpopo event. What we were not expecting though was the presence of 7 ICASA delegates who took the time to come and meet the WAPA members.

WAPA Regional Event - Limpopo

Where: Eagles Nest Lodge
WAPA - with the leading initiative of Karel Venter, decided to do away with the normal Future Wireless Technologies Forum, and to introduce a different genre of events to our members, closer to their homes.

Future Wireless Technologies Forum 5

Where: Century City Conference Centre
This event will follow in the footsteps of the previous successful themes as we continue to seek answers to the many complex issues that our industry grapple with. The theme for FWTF V is: Removing EIRP limitation in the license exempt bands for Point to Point links. This has been a problematic restriction that has lost relevance in the face of technological advances, such as automatic power control and similar features commonly found on modern wireless equipment.

Future Wireless Technologies Forum 4

Where: Spier Wine Estate
We are excited to present to you the Fourth Future Wireless Technologies Forum. The upcoming forum will be held at Spier Hotel in the district of Stellenbosch. With the continued focus on SA Connect it is important for WAPA to take the lead in discussing the role of wireless technologies in delivering ubiquitous access.

Future Wireless Technologies Forum 3

Where: Neotel
The Future Wireless Technologies Forum will change the face of wireless communications in South Africa. It will change how you build a successful wireless connectivity business.

Future Wireless Technology Forum 2

Where: Indaba Hotel & Conference Centre
This event covers the Licence-Exempt Spectrum. We welcome proposals for discussion related to licence-exempt bands. Anyone interested in presenting on the topics outlined must confirm this in writing and will be requested to answer specific questions set by ICASA and submit a short synopsis in advance. Further details to be sent upon expression of interest.

Future Wireless Technology Forum 1

Where: Johannesburg
The first conference of the Future Wireless Technologies Forum held in May 2014 focused on technology solutions and related business opportunities in the millimetre wave (mmW) band, with focus on V-Band (60 GHz) and E-Band (70 & 80 GHz). Future discussions will involve emerging technologies such as sensing and white spaces, as well as LTE developments.