Mailing List Breakdown

Members Mailing list

All members of WAPA are on this list which is intended for use as a members forum for technical discussions (or posting technical queries), raising general issues and sharing information.

Coverage list

All members (who indicated they would like to be on this list) receive the coverage requests queries coming in from the website from potential clients looking for a provider, or for members to request assistance in this regard from each other.

Announce list

Important WAPA notifications, advisories, requests and news from WAPA will be sent to members via this list.

WAPA Offers list

This list is for members to post any mails of a commercial nature, e.g. discounts, offers, sales, adverts etc. Members use this list at their discretion. It is also used for forwarding offers from external service providers, as well as notifying members of conferences/events endorsed by WAPA.