Rapid Development

Wed, 18/07/2018 - 09:54

We had a very interesting meeting with DTPS on 18 July as the first in our MOU relationship.

They have a designated working team to assist with any issue that delays deployment of connectivity.

The Rapid deployment team are eager to assist us with issues that may be delaying us in particular access to municipal or government buildings for high sites or delays over 30 days waiting for wayleaves.

If you need assistance and a stronger voice behind you particularly dealing with a municipality please email [email protected]

PLease cc Estelainie [email protected] so that we can keep track and quote your WAPA member number so that they know you are a member.

I am very interetsted in any feedback on this to see if this initiative. Use only as an escalation if you are not getting any where directly.

I see this as a great step forward, let's engage.


Tim Genders

WAPA Chairman