Feedback from ICASA

Fri, 20/07/2018 - 09:50

On 20th July we met with the national assembly of the ICASA compliance officers.

Eldred Eckermans gave a training session on wireless principles after which we had very interactive feedback.

The message was clear, 'clean up your high sites'.

'How do you expect us to support you with more spectrum if you don't behave like telco's on your high sites'.

'You call us in to sort out noise but your own installations are not earthed or not up to standard'

'You broadcast with hidden SSID's which really ittiratets us'


We are now engaging with on the field ICASA compliance officers to gain feedback of where they see we can improve.

On 24th August I will be going out with the team to see the reality.

We will feed back and the next round of regional events will be on deploying word class high sites.


Tim Genders

WAPA Chairman