Future Wireless Technologies Forum 4

Spier Wine Estate
Spier Wine Estate,
R310 Baden Powell Rd,

We are excited to present to you the Fourth Future Wireless Technologies Forum. The upcoming forum will be held at Spier Hotel in the district of Stellenbosch.

With the continued focus on SA Connect it is important for WAPA to take the lead in discussing the role of wireless technologies in delivering ubiquitous access.

At the last event in Johannesburg we looked at the various technologies and where they will play a role. It was evident that no single ISP, WISP, or telco can connect the majority of South Africans by itself or in isolation.

The topic of ubiquitous access will require a mammoth collaboration from all parts of the industry. This raises several critical questions in terms of collocation and infrastructure sharing. In this regard Open Access is often touted as the saviour and the topic has stirred heated debate.

Whether you are in favour or against, the one thing that everybody agrees on is that sharing of infrastructure at some level will be required and this acknowledgement is gaining momentum. At the Fourth FWTF event we will be unpacking Open Access, what it presents to industry players, the reasons for resistance, the opportunities, and the threats.

The aim of this event therefore is to create a platform to stimulate dialogue and allow for multiple views to be expressed under our theme for the event: LEVERAGING FUTURE PARTNERSHIPS IN AN OPEN ENVIRONMENT.

We trust that you will use this platform to engage and bring your view to the discussion.

We look forward to seeing you on the 7th September at the beautiful Spier Hotel.