Future Wireless Technologies Forum 3

44 Old Pretoria Main Road, Midrand, Johannesburg

The Future Wireless Technologies Forum will change the face of wireless communications in South Africa. It will change how you build a successful wireless connectivity business.  It will change how the independent wireless industry works with government and the national regulator, and with the traditional operators. This is your chance to hear from people who have created amazing businesses with innovative ways of rolling out networks. This is your chance to hear from government, and how they see licence-exempt technologies helping to meet the ambitious SA Connect broadband rollout goals.

This year, WAPA is taking a much tougher position on behalf of its members, driving matters that affect WISPs to the top of the national agenda. For the first time, WAPA presents a forum where telecoms businesses and the telecoms regulator can talk, face to face. Where practical, real-world feedback can be shared with the people that make the rules. There are a number of pressing issues… from the technical specifics such as power output regulations, to operational issues such as growing fibre backhaul, to regulatory issues such as  increasing licence-exempt spectrum, to the practical business issues of rethinking deployment models.

The Future Wireless Technologies Forum is a series of three collaborative discussions hosted by WAPA. It is a forum to explore trends, best practices, and opportunities for new wireless technologies and solutions, and how they fit into SA’s regulatory framework.

As South Africa’s fastest growing telecoms sector, the wireless connectivity must pull out the stops to make up for lost time in building the most fundamental requirement for a competitive economy — reliable, affordable Internet access for all of our communities. The Future Wireless Technologies Forum is the catalyst for exciting new growth.