Membership Benefits

Summary of WAPA Membership Benefits

WAPA is an industry representative body with the following objectives:

  • Increase the profile of members and the industry as a whole and respectability of operators to:
  • The Public at large
  • The Regulator
  • Other Licensed operators.
  • Minimize potential for radio interference through
  • Policing of supplier network for type approval compliance
  • Enforcement of a code of conduct on unlicensed band usage.
  • Facilitate access to information about other operators for:
  • Interference mitigation discussions
  • Interaction with the regulator
  • Expedite WAPA inspection process
  • Enforcement of a code of conduct of good practices, to assist the regulator and ensure compliance with regulations.

WAPA doesn’t profess to have answers to all questions relating to Wireless access provision in South Africa, but it is a collection of most of the major players in the industry who share a collective goal, of ensuring sustainable business opportunities in Wireless Access, particularly in licence-exempt bands.

Join now to be a part of ensuring that your business has a secure foundation for the future.

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