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This page contains a list of WAPA’s members, who are ICASA-licenced and follow a code of conduct in keeping with regulations. If you are interested in obtaining a wireless service from a WAPA member please fill in the coverage request form and state the area in which you require services, so that the members who provide coverage in your area can contact you directly.

Adcomtec was formed in June 2012 and is a value-added solutions provider in the telecommunications infrastructure space.

Our core expertise is in the design, deployment, and support of optical transmission networks that support the core, metro, and access space.
AdNotes is a broadband technology solutions provider that is licensed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) to operate and provide Internet services in South Africa.
AFR-IX telecom is a licensed telecommunication operator that delivers Data, MPLS, SDN and advanced Managed solutions in Africa to Corporates, International Carriers and Telecommunication Operators in Africa.

AFR-IX telecom has the most reliable and largest Metro Ethernet Pan African Network and offers a global coverage services in Africa. Thanks to its more than 50 POPs in Africa, Europe and America, AFR-IX provides reliable and resilient connectivity with countries connected by subsea and terrestrial cables.
At Afren Technologies, we specialise in connections, offering top-notch wireless transport solutions. Partnering with global telecommunications leaders, we deliver innovative products known for reliability in challenging conditions, all at competitive costs. Our suite of services ensures end-to-end support for our solutions. Explore our world for bespoke builds, advisory expertise, and more.
The African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) is a nonprofit and member-based organization registered and operating under the Corporate Legal Frameworks of Mauritius.
Agile Solutions Provider is an Internet Service Provider that provides Protected International IP Transit and National Long Distance Circuits (NLD), amongst other carrier services and solutions.

Our IP Transit Services are designed to bring customers a highly available and fast performing internet service. International transit provider, low latency, shortest as-path and DDoS protection - that's us!

Our motto is simple, yet effective - move with innovation !

Amobia’s core value proposition and foundation for its business model, is the delivery of affordable business solutions and cost effective broadband access across South Africa.

Our commitment to research and development has kept us at the forefront of technology development and enabled us to implement sustainable, affordable Internet and wide area network services in South Africa. Amobia was established in 2003 to address the very real lack of reliable, cost effective 24/7 broadband Internet connectivity at the time, and has expanded into a company which offers a variety of Internet and connectivity services.

Ranging from home users looking for a cost effective Wireless and Fibre alternative to DSL Internet access, to large blue-chip corporates looking to save money by replacing their existing Diginet lines, the Amobia client base is vast and varied. We have customized solutions to meet the needs of every individual and organization. Amobia have a point of presence in many cities in South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and surrounding regions in each province. From these nodes, we distribute a vast array of broadband services, catered to each individual’s requirements. This presence in each of our primary focus cities allows us to offer the very best of service to our customers with regard to callouts and physical maintenance at the client premises.
ASK Internet Technologies, or more commonly known as ASK IT, was established in 2015 by three passionate entrepreneurs wanting to change the landscape of how service delivery is done. Every client is a valuable asset and we strive to deliver the best possible service at all times to ensure a long-term relationship with each one.
Azotel has been supporting operators since October 2002 and has established itself to become the world leader in subscriber management, service provisioning, business automation and core networks solutions for wireless and fiber broadband operators.

Azotel differentiates itself by offering a single platform, used across all operator departments i.e. CRM, dispatch, installation, service provisioning, accounts, banking, help desk, network monitoring, inventory, marketing and management.

Azotel now equips broadband operators with the technology and automated business processes required to build out commercially successful and highly profitable networks – anywhere in the world.

Azotel Enabled Operators (AEOs) are free to concentrate on building their networks and adding subscribers, rather than having to worry about the technology and process, which is delivered in a simple, cost effective and proven manner via the SIMPLer™ platform.

By choosing Azotel you will be following in the footsteps of numerous other Azotel Enabled Operators (AEO). Proof of the model is further demonstrated by the willingness of banks, financial institutions and governments to invest in Azotel Enabled Operators. In essence, risk is greatly mitigated given that the AEO business is following an already proven model. Resources are not being wasted reinventing the wheel on technology and processes that are now available via the cloud or local deployment.

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t: +27-11-083-6900

The BAC-IT solutions incorporate a range of business-to-business approaches that include the provision and management of IT, communications, information and infrastructure.

Through partnerships, we provide specialized Wi-Fi services for 2.4/ 5/ 6Ghz using Ekahau technology and software. Our leading Wi-Fi tools for optimizing, designing and troubleshooting wireless networks with best-in-class spectrum analysis and heatmapping, will transform your customer's Wi-Fi experience.

These professional services can be done on behalf of partners and resellers to ensure WLAN's have been designed, implemented and secured using the appropriate measurement and planning tools.

• Wi-Fi Assessments and Design
• Wi-Fi Surveys and Optimization
• Wi-Fi Security assessments
• Wi-Fi Performance and Troubleshooting
We are an owner-run Information Technology Company focusing on South Africa. Established in 2003 by Duval Dorfling as a self-run company. Our main focus is on SME and private markets. We started by providing IT and network support but also began to supply internet and hosting in 2006 with the aim to provide a total solution to our clients.
Belanet is a Internet Service Provider in the Waterberg district in the Southern Part of the Limpopo province South Africa.
As the foundation we have taken upon ourselves the challenges and advantages of the current age where forth industrial revolution is changing the landscape of many sectors, we aim at making the 4IR Practical to most marginalized citizen’s main focus being Rural Semi Rural and township communities.
Through partnerships we ensure the skills development and alignment of communities to the Forth industrial Revolution, ICT and internet economy
We offer services directly to business as well as enable any level of the ICT Channel to maximise their business by leveraging off our Carrier-Grade Fibre, Wireless and Voice Network. In addition we provide Home Wireless on the back-bone of our own Network and we partner with Open Access Providers across South Africa to offer Fibre to the Home.

Our robust network core is housed in one of SA’s foremost Datacentres. Here, we peer directly with the other major operators as well as NAP Africa, JINX, CINX and DINX. We have international internet breakouts in Johannesburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Cape Town. This lowers latency, call costs and aids millisecond fail over options.
We are a supplier and installer of services in WISP and ICT spheres
BlueSky is an ISP located at 25 Somerset Street, Graaff-Reinet.
The company was established in 2009 by Roland Kroon who, as an established farmer in the area, saw a desperate need for reliable, fast internet in the Karoo.

Contrary to what many people think, the Karoo is NOT flat, and has many challenges in providing high levels of service to remote farm houses.

We have a fibre backbone, which is then routed to our clients via wireless links through our 42 highsites, most of which are solar powered, enabling us to be environmentally friendly too!
We provide super-fast and reliable fixed wireless broadband to homes and businesses.
Our team installs an antenna on your roof which connects wirelessly to our nearest high site. The internet traffic is then transported via our fibre optic backbone, connecting you to the world wide web.

We offer a variety of packages of which Wireless Home Uncapped is the most popular.
With headquarters in Johannesburg, Borg Telecom provides superior wireless internet solutions in all levels of industry, serving the domestic, industrial and corporate sectors.
Borg Telecom brings a fresh and innovative approach to wireless services, supplying the end user with unrivaled product, industry knowledge and quality. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.
Our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands‐on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.
Clear, reliable and cost-effective voice calls are essential for business. At Bosveld Communications we own and operate our own Peering and networking facilities, meaning high quality, affordable voice calls of up to 50% less through Farsouth or 3CX IP PBX, VoIP, virtual PBX etc.

Our voice solutions can be customised to fit your organisation’s size and budget. It can also adapt to accommodate company growth, without any downtime.

We offer hassle free installation, number porting and reduced call rates. Our guaranteed service provides you with peace of mind that our products will never let you down.

Bosveld Communications’s voice subscriber accounts are compatible with any traditional PBX system with the addition of certain gateways.
Bundu NetworX is a South African Internet Service Provider based in KwaZulu-Natal supplying internet not only to the Coastal areas, but to outlying and hard to reach parts of KwaZulu-Natal as well. We can proudly say we have supplied internet from sea level to the top of Sani Pass and a lot of areas in between. This indicates our PASSION and COMMITMENT to expanding the network to inaccessible areas and providing internet to people who would otherwise have no access.
Business Solutionz is a wireless and fiber powered WISP that offers fast and reliable wireless internet at an affordable price. Business Solutionz customizes our data links to suit our customer’s every need whether you’re an online gamer or enjoy high-quality streaming or just doing your day to day business, we ensure to give you an enjoyable, reliable internet experience.
C-Way Computers was originally started by Marius Lubbe in the country of Taiwan in 1995. Marius and his wife Linda, is still managing the company today together with their children and staff.

The company was started as a sub division of C-Way Ministries.

We build our lives on this basic principal:
“Life is like a computer, if it is not programmed by the Master, it remains pretty useless.”
Calix offers a cloud-based platform that seamlessly integrates hardware and software, empowering WISPs with comprehensive tools for lowering costs and delivering superior subscriber experiences for both residential and business markets. Globally, Calix supports roughly 1,600 BSPs encompassing municipalities, CLECs, Cable, Electric Co-Ops and Open Access providers with an end-to-end solution.
Cambium Networks empowers millions of people with wireless connectivity worldwide. Our wireless portfolio is used by commercial and government network operators as well as broadband service providers to connect people, places, and things. With a single network architecture spanning fixed wireless and Wi-Fi, Cambium Networks enables operators to achieve maximum performance with minimal spectrum.
We are a group of people running a community based, not for profit, wireless network in Cape Town. We are not just a network – CTWUG is a learning experience for everyone from novices to experts.
Cape Connect Internet provides an array of connectivity services.

Starting as a small wireless internet service provider, based in Somerset West and servicing the Helderberg community, Cape Connect now has a national fibre footprint, while still offering wireless services to the residents of Cape Town.

In partnership with major players in the local and international industry, we provide reliable broadband connections to home and corporate users.

We are licenced by ICASA to provide network and communications services.ICASAiCodeISPAUnashamedly Ethical

We are proud members of ISPA and WAPA, and iCode Compliant.

We are a signatory to the Unashamedly Ethical code of conduct.
Tailored solutions to keep any size company & home connected. Carfone was established in 1979 and have established in excess of 55 high sites throughout Central South Africa. The Carfone head office is located in Kroonstad with permanent service personnel in Bethlehem and Hopetown catering for the outlying areas.
We are provide the following services and products

-VoIP-Call centre,Robot call and individuals business
-Fax to Email or desktop software
-Short Message Service (sms) via email or desktop application
-Internet data- mobile LTE Router and satellite connection
-Selling Internet equipments
-Website and Emailing
-Technology hardware and software supplier/support
-Printer leasing
-Linux and Winows OS
Comnet is a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Service Provider and Software Developer that provides ICT based solutions and consultancy services in Lesotho. Comnet has grown phenomenally since it was registered back in 1991 when it was solely providing technical services to Lesotho Highlands Water Authority to service their WANG servers. We have since evolved and have now become a Diversified Services ICT Provider. Technological trends have driven us to identify and address the demands of our ever growing customer needs by providing broader solutions and services.
Welcome to Compu-Worx Established in 1999 Together with our technical team, we have more than 30 years networking/sales/software experience. We currently have branches in Piet Retief and Middelburg Servicing an estimate of 300km radius surrounding these areas.
We are South Africa's premier layer 2 open access solution partner, enabling our channel to answer the demand for high speed, reliable carrier grade access solutions. We understand the need for choice, so we offer the freedom to choose, without compromising on quality and dependability.

Through our Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) we enable businesses to access the full benefits offered by smart devices. Backed by a global alliance and significant investment into the very best infrastructure, we are connecting the African IoT.

Together with our partners, we are committed to enabling limitless connectivity for South Africa and beyond.
Comtel Communications specialises in providing software, voice, broadband internet access, security and wireless internet access to a variety of clientele including hospitality, call centres, multi-branch companies, sme's, corporates, multi-tenant developments and government departments / institutions.
COREX embraces technological innovation and delivers key products from several verticals including Cloud Computing, Client Computing, Embedded & IoT Products, Networking & Wireless Communication, Surveillance, and Infrastructure. These product solutions aim to enhance all ICT environments and help build new business platforms, services, and processes.
Established in 2012, DK Wireless aims to provide products, services and innovative solutions tailored to meet specific needs in an ever-changing ICT world. Reliability and excellent service are the main pillars of our vision, and our overall purpose is to enable individuals and businesses to manage their data requirements. Infrastructure uptime and no month-to-month contracts set us apart from our competitors and build consistent value for our clients.