Get in on the ground floor with the WISP event of the decade

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 16:58

The success of WISPAPALOOZA (also known as WISPA), an event that brings together the WISP (Wireless Internet Service Providers) world, has opened up a very exciting opportunity for our local WISP community. WAPA is thrilled to be launching its own niche WISP event in South Africa. So if you are an experienced WISP, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this!

The event, which is proposed to take place in Gauteng in September 2019, will provide a perfect opportunity for industry experts, leading suppliers and customers to network, learn, engage in demos and to become inspired by what’s happening in the industry.

This event will focus on intense training, which could be split between business and technical topics. And for busy WISPs who have specific needs in different tiers, we’ll ensure that you don’t spend unnecessary time away from the office. By providing you with the chance to tailor your own sessions you will remain productive while at the same time getting some valuable knowledge downloads from the experienced facilitators.

Sponsorships opportunities will be available for the event, allowing you to exclusively promote your brand. To become involved contact us here with the subject line: ‘WISP event’.